Jack Garcia, Director of Investigations, Guardians of Rescue

Jack Garcia
Director of Investigations
The Guardians

The Guardians Investigate Animal Cruelty & Abuse

The Guardians work with agencies and law enforcement around the globe to bring much-needed intelligence to acute and chronic cruelty cases. Most agencies do not have the resources or time to address these urgent cries for help. While animal-related cases may not be a priority to others, the Guardians put these worthy beings first. The investigational data we collect is turned over to the proper authorities for prosecutuion. Even if a case does not result in prosecution to the abuser(s), we continue to monitor the suspect(s) with our licensed private investigators. Frequently, these in-depth investigations uncover other illegal activities that may result in such prosecution (i.e. drug charges, dog fighting and outstanding warrants).


Jack Garcia, Director of Investigations

Jack Garcia is a vital component of Guardians of Rescue.  As Director of Investigations, Jack works tirelessly to free animals from the most dangerous of situations.  From beginning to end, Jack dedicates himself to the details of each case, ensuring the final outcome is innocent lives saved.
Previously an undercover FBI Special Agent, Jack brings to Guardians of Rescue a wealth of diverse investigative experience.   From cases involving corrupt law enforcement, Columbian and Mexican drug cartels, Russian and Asian crime groups, to international terrorism cases, Jack’s twenty-six years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provide the in-depth understanding of how the criminal mind works, the justice system and how to be legally successful with investigative information.
Jack is involved in all of our animal cases, with his main focus on the many that are tied to in-depth criminal activity and involve high animal numbers. The worst of the worst.
No investigation is too big or too involved, because when it comes to animals in peril, Jack wants what we all want – better and safer lives for animals, and he is spending his retirement years volunteering to help and seek justice for those who can’t help themselves.   Our Director of Investigations, Jack Garcia, is the liberator of animals.
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