Give Me Shelter

There are thousands of animals out there who live in areas where they do not have adequate shelter to provide them protection from inclement weather: soaking rain, scorching sun, freezing temperatures, mud – day after day, year after year, these animals endure weather’s unpredictable nature.

Through the Gimme Shelter program, Guardians of Rescue provides shelters free of charge to owners, to ensure that all animals have proper protection from the elements. It gives us the opportunity to educate on care of animals and to provide any needed medical attention or supplies to better help the owners take care of their animals.

With this program, we join forces with numerous organizations including organized labor, law enforcement and fellow animal welfare groups in order to maximize the resources needed to assist animals in need.

The program’s initiatives include volunteers patrolling for animals in situations without proper protection and adequate food and water. We hold workshops on shelter construction and gather volunteers to participate in mass shelter assembly days.

The Guardians does not condone any dog living outside, however it is a sad reality that we must address. When laws consider the minimum of shelter adequate, we step in and do something about it. We go into some of the most dangerous area of America where the need is the greatest to ensure dogs have protection they so desperately need and deserve.

Your donation to this program would help greatly to improve the life of an animal who does live outside. Please help to change a life today.

Please donate today and help support our vital work to save many innocent lives tomorrow.


Gimme Shelter outreach
Gimme Shelter outreach
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