Helping Families; Saving Pets

The Guardians want families to stay together.

In times of hardship, either due to economic reasons, unemployment, changes in life, or catastrophic events, unfortunately, most often it is the pets that are the first to go, and often it is to kill shelters where, sadly, relinquished pets are among the first to be destroyed. 

The Helping Families, Saving Pets program is designed to keep families together during these most challenging of times, as this is when people need their pets as much as their pets need them.  Guardians of Rescue assists families with food for their animals to help ensure that these families stay together and pets are not taken from their families and avoidably euthanized.

​This program works in a couple of ways by providing:
Pet food and supplies
Transportation of animals for vet care for disabled and home-bound owners.
Through this program, we can drastically cut down on the number of cases where people are unable to afford to feed and care for their pet, and reduce the number of family pets entering already over-crowded shelters.
Together We Save Them
Helping families, saving pets
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