Medical care for your pet can be very expensive, especially in emergency situations.  If your pet needs emergency medical or other procedures that you can’t afford, there are a few things you can do and organizations that may be able to assist. 

Things you can do:

  • Negotiate a better price with your veterinarian / vet clinic for needed medical.
  • Inquire about the possibility to finance directly and set up an agreed-to payment plan. 
  • Shop around: It doesn’t hurt to do price comparisons with other vets / clinics for the
  • medical / procedures

Please be aware:

There are few, if any, organizations that will cover the expense of ongoing medications that pets may require for an extended period of time.

Because of the number of pets needing help, it is very unlikely that any organization or program will cover your pet’s medical expenses completely, especially if they are expensive.  You need to contact as many as possible, as some grants may be in small amounts, but can add up if you contact several and get help from them.

Most of these organizations only accept applications through online webforms or email. If you aren’t computer-savvy, please find a friend or someone else who can help you with this process.

It is necessary that you contact all potential sources of financial aid before your pet has any procedures done, as they are unlikely to pay expenses for medical care that has already been provided.


Credit Care provides financing for veterinary care. Please visit their website at for more information and to determine if you qualify.

The organizations listed on the medical resource pages found on this website are a tool to try and help pet owners find financial medical assistance they need.  Guardians of Rescue does not endorse, recommend, vouch or is in no way responsible for the organizations, their programs, services, how they operate or make determinations.

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