The philosophy of the program is simple: If you SEE an animal in an abusive, neglectful, dangerous or life threatening situation, SAY something, so actions can be put into place to SAVE the innocent animal. If nothing is said, nothing can be done.

Silence = Suffering

The SEE and SAY portion of this program encourages the public to be aware of their surroundings. Dogs on chains without food, water or shelter, need to be reported. Injured cats need help. Signs of dog fighting activity or other abuse and neglect animals needs to be made known. There are resources and law enforcement out there to help. Animals can’t speak out, but people can.

The SAVE portion of this program encompasses all aspects of our life-saving rescue operations, from getting animals relinquished from situations of neglect to investigations of dog fighting and other animal felonies. Rarely are they easy and most often, challenging and dangerous. But we know it is a matter of life and death. From the moment we engage, through the rescue, the medical, the healing with goals of a new home, Guardians of Rescue ends the silent suffering and gives rescued animals a change to live the lives all animals deserve.

Please donate today and help support our vital work to save many innocent lives tomorrow.



Together We Save Them

Report Animal Cruelty

While we want animals to be safe and out of harms way, we do not want anyone putting themselves at risk in a potentially dangerous situation.
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