Operation Support Our Troops

Ghost, the Rescued Contract Working Dogs

No Buddy Left Behind

Imagine spending countless hours and bonding with an animal while in another country, only to have to leave your best friend behind when your tour is done. 

Many of our service men and women serving in combat zones, rescue animals from neglectful and often abusive situations and these animals quickly become family.  We understand the positive impact the animals have on the soldiers and the soldiers on the animals, and are happy to assist service men and women with bringing their adopted pet, rescued during their deployment to the US.  We are involved in each process, fine tuning all the logistics of getting a pet safely home from the area where the service men and women are deployed, and making sure the animal adapts to life in America by providing basic training when needed.

Contract Working Dogs

 We recognize the relationship born between contract military dogs and soldiers who work with or befriend them during long stretches of deployment.  Contract Working Dogs (CWD) are different from their Military Working Dogs (MWD) counterparts, in CWD’s do not have a “unit” to call home. Units will rotate in and and rotate out and the CWD will meet his or her new unit and handler in the locations, whereas, MWD’s rotate with their assigned handler, and every MWD is brought back to the U.S. bases from which they deployed with their handlers.   CWD’s futures are much less predictable, with injured dogs and those at retirement age, most often euthanized without being afforded an opportunity to be adopted into families.   Many military personnel want to give homes to these amazing dogs and that is where we step in and make their hope become reality.
Please consider donating to this most important of programs and help to thank to a veteran who has risked life for our freedoms, by giving him/her the gift of a loyal and loving companion. 
For more information on Operation Support our Troops, please email us at: programs@guardiansofrescue.org.
People helping Animals – Animals helping People

Please donate today and help support our vital work to save many innocent lives tomorrow.


Amigo, a retired contract bomb detection dog comes home to U.S.
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