Montgomery Georgia German Shepherd Rescue

January 2019

Hundreds of shepherd dogs lived in squalid conditions of neglect in an out of control breeding operation in Montgomery County, Georgia, with 14-15 dogs in a one-dog pens.  and despite 5 years of trying, concerned local residents were unable to get help for the hundreds of suffering dogs.

Guardians intervened and were successful with getting the negotiating owner surrender of the neglected dogs.  But that was only the beginning of this enormous rescue.   Hundreds of dogs needed removed from their muddy, sloppy pens; they needed medical care, behavioral assessments and rescues to go to so they could be adopted into loving forever homes.   This was all accomplished through the team work of many people and organizations, and today, all the shepherds who once only knew neglect, are now healthy, happy and enjoying a life of care and love. 

Guardians of Rescue was able to do this because of the support of compassionate donors. Your donation today will save lives tomorrow.

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