Abandoned Dogs of Miami-County, Florida

Thousands of dogs are abandoned in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Unwanted, they are dumped with out a care and little chance for prosecution around the 2400+ mile county, with a huge number being abandoned in the vast agricultural areas of Redland, Homestead and Hialeah.

Old dogs, young dogs, puppies, pregnant females, injured and sick and even breeding dogs that are no longer of use for profiting — all are left alongside roadways, in fields, parking lots – anywhere a car door can be opened and a dog pushed out.

Abandoned dogs face many so many dangers in addition to the obvious starvation and dehydration. They are subjected to injury, illness, disease, being hit by cars, taken to be used as bait for dog fighting — the list is endless, and sadly all include suffering and for many, death.

Guardians of Rescue has teamed up with a local rescue and are working with them to get injured and sick dogs removed from abandonment, so we can provide the necessary medical they need so the can have the second chance at life they deserve.

Please donate to give abandoned dogs hope — the hope for tomorrow and a new life away from the dangers they live in today.

Please donate today and help support our vital work to save many innocent lives tomorrow.


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