Abandoned Dogs of Miami-County, Florida

Dogs are abandoned every day in Miami-Dade County. Big dogs, little dogs, young dogs, seniors, and puppies. Some are healthy, while others have been neglected. Some are sick or injured. Some have been used in dog fighting and are covered in wounds of their past abuse; some are unproducing breeding stock that no longer bring profit. Many are happy, friendly dogs, while others show the signs of knowing nothing but abuse and cruelty. They are dropped along busy streets, back roads, in business complexes, developments, construction sites, and in the vast agricultural areas. But they all have the same thing in common – they were dumped to die. They are the abandoned dogs of Miami-Dade, County.

The authorities are doing very little about it and even deny there is even a real problem, despite the high number of stray animals at the county shelter. It is illegal in Miami-Dade County to abandoned a dog, but since the law seemingly rarely enforced, there is nothing to dissuade people from dumping a dog they no longer want.

Guardians of Rescue are working with a rescue partner in the county to get these dogs removed from their deadly world, to safety so that have the lives they deserve. Because it can take weeks or months, to find rescues to adopt the dogs and due to the risk of injury, illness, disease, being hit by cars, taken to be used as bait for dog fighting — the list is endless, and sadly includes death, we work to get them immediately out of danger, medically treated and to a safe haven while a rescue is located to move them into their futures, and far away from where they were left — to die.

These dogs have already endured the terror of being abandoned, please donate to get them to safety and give them a new life.

Please donate today and help support our vital work to save many innocent lives tomorrow.


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