Help the Helpless

Guardians of Rescue believe that every life matters. No life has more value over another. Guardians of Rescue gives a voice to those who have none. Whether a dog living chained outside or a factory farmed pig being sent to slaughter… where there is life, there is always hope.
We are their Guardians of Rescue.


Rehab the Broken

Most of the animals we rescue come from horrific lives.
Whether isolated on a chain, hit by cars and abandoned or living in the woods, Guardians of Rescue tends to not only healing their broken bodies but also their broken spirits. With your help, they have a better chance at living “happily ever after”


Respond to Disaster

Guardians of Rescue has been instrumental in assisting companion animals following natural disasters that impose destruction on these innocent lives. Help us continue our mission to and save lives.


Investigate Cruelty

Director of Investigations Jaquin “Jack” Garcia
Guardians of Rescue works with agencies and law enforcement around the globe to bring much-needed intelligence to acute and chronic cruelty cases. Most agencies do not have the resources or time to address these urgent cries for help. Please help us put these worthy beings first and bring them to justice!


Rescue Korean Dogs Marked for Slaughter

Thousands of dogs are killed for meat after being dragged around in nets, and squished into cages piled up, the smell of death surrounding them. Sadly, this is not just happening in Korea.

Guardians of Rescue is on this mission with Nami Kim of Savekoreandogs to END the horrific dog meat trade. She sees the slaughter daily with her own eyes. Help us get dogs out of these situations and the meat markets.


Find Forever Homes

The joy an animal feels when they meet
their new family is priceless.
Can’t adopt? Become a sponsor!


Guarantee Feral Cats are Not Forgotten

The shadow cats, who due to no fault of their own are left to fend for themselves. rarely seen, who bother no one, these cats ask for so little.  Guardians of Rescue provides spay/neuter resources, veterinary resources, housing, food and water for feral cats in need. Don’t let them freeze because of human unkindness. Help us help the feral cats of the world.


Together We Save Them

Our members are dedicated to the wellbeing of all animals,
especially those in distress.


Your Donations Make it Possible

Your support saves lives.

We happily accept non-cash gifts, such as cars and boats.


Winter is Here

We’re busy setting up shelter for outdoor dogsand feral cats. See our Gimme Shelter program.

Investigate Cruelty

Guardians of Rescue works with agencies and law enforcement around the globe to bring much needed intelligence to as many the overwhelming number of animal cruelty cases that we can. See Investigations

We're Hands-On

Abandoned, injured, and abused animals are waiting for help and a better life.Adopt or foster an animal.

Disaster Response

Guardians of Rescue has been instrumental in several disasters from hurricanes to tornadoes. Visit Disaster Response

Donate a Vehicle

We accept cars, boat,s, RVs, or other vehicles you’d like to donate, just fill out our donation form.

Korean Dog Slaughter

Help us get dogs out of these situations and the meat markets! Visit Guardians of Rescue International.

Be a Guardian Angel

Your support can dramatically change an animal’s future.

homeless dog and cat

Donate or Sponsor a dog or cat in need

$25 – vaccines for an orphaned cat or dog

$30 – feed an abandoned dog for 3 weeks

$50 – medical exam for a dog or cat

$100 – spay/neuter for a dog or cat

$200 – new shelter for an
outdoor dog in need

$500 – life saving surgery for our
injured victims of neglect

You can also shop to support our animals:
Visit our Store!