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Support the Guardians every month to help us confront cruelty and protect animals from neglect and abuse by becoming a R.A.P.I.D Team member!

As a member of the new R.A.P.I.D. Team, you will become an active defender of animals by helping Guardians of Rescue continue our life-saving operations. We will be able plan and budget campaigns more effectively and be the first to respond to even more animal emergencies faster! Your monthly donation will assist with on-site rescue supplies, veterinarian expenses, food and care of animals, and provide the financial support we need to continue all areas our work.

Join today and with your support of $20 or more a month, you will receive a Guardians of Rescue T-shirt, a certificate of membership, special deals on merchandise purchases from our website (with new items being added monthly), and, if you choose, exclusive rescue, campaign and activity updates.

For members donating $75 or more a month, you will receive a Guardians of Rescue Hoodie in addition to a T-shirt.

For current monthly donors, if you increase your monthly support $10 or more, you will also receive a T-shirt or Hoodie, depending on the new monthly commitment.

With your R.A.P.I.D. Team membership, we can strengthen our campaigns and expand our efforts to:

Respond, Aid, Protect, Investigate and Defend helpless animals.

Join R.A.P.I.D today and show your commitment to making the world a better place for animals!
Unable to commit to $20 or more a month?

Guardians of Rescue is very grateful for a monthly gift in any amount. If you are unable to donate $20 or more a month, with your monthly commitment of $10, you will receive a custom Guardians of Rescue Bumper sticker so you can show your support for saving animals.

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