Helping Paws of the Homeless

People across America are homeless due to a multitude of reasons: loss of job or home, mental illness or substance addiction, or because pet owners refuse to give up their beloved pets. Whatever the reason, if there are homeless people with animals, there are homeless animals.

The Guardians know how important pets are to people living on the street; their pets are their family and help make being homelessness less lonely — less “homeless”. These people will make sure their pets are cared for to the best of their ability and, most often, fed before they themselves eat.

Through the Helping Paws of the Homeless program, Guardian members meet with homeless pet owners, check their pets, provide needed medical and vaccinations, spay/neuter, good food, and in winter, jackets and blankets to protect them from the freezing temperatures.

While homelessness can sometimes be viewed with negativity, we view it as these people love their pets and instead of sitting in kill shelters, these animals are loved. For the Guardians, it is about the animals.

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