“This is as bad a case of neglect and probable abuse as I have seen in my 35 years of practicing veterinary medicine in South Georgia.” Words of the veterinarian treating for Liam.

Liam’s life was one of extreme and unimaginable suffering. This little guy endured misery and pain that no animal should ever experience. His ears were chewed up, with severe infection and wounds. He had open wounds and scars all up and down his front legs and his tail had a deep wound, infected wound down to the bone. Many of his teeth were broken and in need of extraction. He was infested with fleas and hookworms and he was so anemic, a blood transfusion was needed for him to survive. In addition, Liam’s eyeballs are abnormally small and his eyesight is very poor, making him even greater prey to attack. And attacked he was. He lived on a chain — an easy target for a random dog or to be used for training fighting dogs.

Long County, Georgia Animal Control had been aware of the situation and did nothing, even through Liam’s so-called owner had been suspected of animal cruelty for a long time, including dog fighting activity. The property where Liam was found, had other dogs tied on heavy chains…dogs clearly suffering from neglect with little to no shelter. The Animal Control refused to remove any dogs until from the abusive situation until they were recently forced to and subsequently several other dogs from the property miraculously vanished. Despite the obvious neglect and abuse, the owner was NEVER cited. He had been living a life unfettered by laws that are supposed to protect animals.

Thanks to pressure from residents of Long County, Liam was finally surrendered and is now in the custody of Guardians of Rescue.

Liam is no longer enduring chronic suffering and a life of cruelty. Liam is now experiencing something he has never known – compassion. He is getting the medical care he needs, the affection and understanding he deserves and will learn that being a dog isn’t about a constant fight for survival, fear and hurting, but instead comfort, contentment and love.

Please donate today so other animals suffering, like Liam, can know a life without pain, hunger and abuse.

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