Alabama – Cruelty

The cruelty beyond measure; the suffering unimaginable.  This didn’t take days or even weeks, this took many months and the people who owned these dogs did nothing, but allow torturous misery to continue.

The location was in a very remote area – no running water, no electricity and a house constructed of only blocks, with over 30 severely neglected dogs running around. All of the puppies were covered in fleas and sarcoptic mange as were the adults. Several of the dogs were in such poor condition, sadly, they did not survive.  Many of the dogs required being trapped instead of easily caught, having never experienced human contact…..or kindness. Due to the diligence of the Lawrence County ACO, the owners were arrested and all of the dogs and puppies were awarded to the animal control officer. We are working with the ACO on many others to save more animals, like the horrifically neglected dogs in the photos, from the only world they have ever known – suffering.

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