Alabama – Giving Life to the Animals

In areas of the south, sadly, there is no shortage of extreme cruelty or unwanted companion animals, and have few to no safe havens for animals in need and in Lawrence County, Georgia and neighboring counties, where animals are not viewed as sentient beings, but instead as property, there are few laws to protect animals.

There is no animal shelter in Lawrence County and the shelter in neighboring Morgan County, which does intake for four counties has a kill rate of 90%, which means very few animals every get out alive.

Guardians of Rescue is working to bring change for the animals of Lawrence County and surrounding areas, and to help give them the care they desperately need, the protection they deserve and to educate and to support the ACO, to implement changes, such as spay/neuter to decrease the overpopulation, and will work to end the suffering and give hope and new life life to the animals.

Will you help an animal suffering in Alabama to discover a life without cruelty, pain, and hunger?

Please donate today and help support our vital work to save many innocent lives tomorrow.


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