We Need Volunteers

  • Do you love animals?

  • Do you want to help make a difference?

Even if it’s as simple as helping to man an event, or plan a fundraiser, every second you do something to help us allows us to make the lives of cats and dogs better.

Click here to help:

Things you can do to help:

  • Be a foster parent

  • Help us do outreach

  • Work with our Junior Guardians

  • Run a Pet Food/Supplies Drive

  • Host a fundraiser

  • Help us socialize a dog or cat

  • Volunteer to help at an event

  • Come out in the field with us… learn the ropes.


Volunteer Today

Sign up to volunteer here:

or fill out the below application and email it to

GOR Volunteer Application

To foster, please fill out and email





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Guardians of Rescue Members are Volunteers… Just like you.

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Help Us Help Them!

Do what you can…

when you can…

because every moment counts.

Volunteers save lives…

We are all volunteers.

We all have jobs and families.

We do this in our spare time.

Every second you devote to animal rescue, makes the lives of animals better.

Together we save them… One cat, one dog at a time.