Our programs are designed to provide assistance in a broad range of scenarios, to provide needed assistance, to educate, to motivate, and to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Paws of War

To suitably match pets, often left behind from war torn areas or US kill shelters by pairing them with military veterans suffering from the emotional effects of war such as PTSD who seek the therapeutic and unconditional love only a companion animal can bring.

• All dogs are evaluated prior to training to qualify for the program
• Each dog is carefully matched up with the veteran in need
• Transportation and delivery of dog provided by GoR
• Follow up help and dog training is provided by GoR
• GoR stand behind our dogs 100%. We will always take the animal back for any reason.

Read more about the mission of Paws of War

Gimme Shelter

This program works to ensure that all animals are provided with proper protection from the elements. The program’s initiatives include volunteers patrolling for animals in situations without proper protection and adequate food and water, workshops on shelter construction, gathering supplies, and mass shelter assembly days.

Guardians of Rescue will be providing shelters free of charge to any and all dogs and cats in need. With this program, we will be joining forces with numerous organizations including organized labor, law enforcement and fellow animal welfare groups in order to maximize the resources needed to assist animals in need.

Sheltering Arms

The goal of this program is to assist animal shelters with everything they need.  We work to improve shelters’ physical conditions, expand their facilities, increase adoption rates, reorganize their shelter administration, recruit volunteers, raise funds and market themselves to the local community.

Through the Sheltering Arms program, Guardians of Rescue is developing a Shelter Certification which will be awarded to those animal care facilities that uphold a stringent series of standards for animal care. Guardians of Rescue will be performing unannounced inspections in order to determine which areas, if any, are in need of improvement and will make recommendations based on those visits to each shelter inspected.

Helping Families:

This program is designed to keep families together. It provides medical care, pet food and supplies to anyone in need due to a catastrophic event, or to families in need due to economic reasons.

There are two parts to this initiative:

Pet to Vet

This part of the program is designed to ensure all pets get the medical care they need.

  1. Guardians Members & Volunteers assist seniors, the homebound and the disabled with transportation to the vet. All too often pets are neglected due to their owner’s physical inability to take them for proper veterinary care.  Guardians of Rescue members provide round trip transport to the veterinarian for both routine and emergency visits. And help with the bills.

  2. Guardians of Rescue will assist families that fell on hard times with emergency medical bills. Ensuring that these families stay together and pets are not taken from their families or euthanized due to the inability to afford emergency care.

Pet Food and Supply Resources

This part of the program is our Pet Food & Supply Bank.  It provides pet food and supplies to anyone in need due to a catastrophic event or to families in need due to economic reasons. This initiative is in place to act as an emergency response unit, and cut down on the number of cases of people not being able to afford to properly feed their pets, especially in a time of unrecorded unemployment and mass layoffs.

In conjunction with the Helping Families program, we are developing a nationwide network of veterinary practices and Pet Stores that will be providing special discounted rates for those who cannot afford to get their animals proper vet care or buy food and supplies. We are working to assist families affected by the economy, by helping to provide medical care and pet food to their pets. This helps avoid their pets being placed in to the shelter system… keeping families together.

Home Again: Operation Support Our Troops

This program is a part of our Veterans and Military Affairs efforts, assisting returning service men and women in adopting a dog or cat from an animal shelter when they return home or bringing back a pet rescued during their deployment.

Guardians of Rescue volunteers act as a special shelter liaison, helping with selection, completion of the adoption process, and training for both the animal and owner. We assist with the logistics of getting a pet home from the area where the service men and women are deployed, and making sure the animal adapts to US life, by providing whatever training is needed.

Many men and women in the service are also faced with the dilemma of pet care when deployed on active duty, and are often stuck with no positive alternatives. Animals they adopt while on deployment are in need of safe transport home, and this can be difficult to organize. The therapeutic benefit these animals provide is immeasurable, and these men and women need our support.

Animals Helping People

This program aims to provide information and resources relating to the training, treatment, and placement of therapy dogs. There is a wide range of conditions and afflictions affecting people who can benefit from a higher quality of living with the addition of a therapy dog in their life. From those suffering from autism to people with physical limitations imposed by birth defects, MS or debilitating strokes, or Post Traumatic Stress, the presence and assistance of a therapy dog can make a tremendous difference in the details of everyday life.

For people suffering from psychological conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder, the presence of a therapy dog can also make a huge difference, improving day to day outlook and offering hope for the future. Through the Animals Helping People Program, Guardians of Rescue will provide assistance to identify the appropriate resources for that in need and expedite the process of getting help to those who need it.

Next Generation Guardians: Humane Education

The Next Generation Guardians are a group of young people from all walks of life. Their goal is to “learn the ropes” of animal rescue, and be the change for our future.

This program is a very important aspect of our mission. It is presented at public middle schools, high schools, Boy & Girl Scout troops, vocational schools and residential facilities for at risk youth. This program encompasses a number of animal welfare related topics, such as:

• How to recognize the signs of animal abuse and neglect, and how to report it in the proper manner.

• How to fight animal abuse and help defend creatures that cannot themselves.

• Why dog fighting is wrong and morally reprehensible and why it cannot be tolerated.

To further the impact of our Humane Education program and further empower students, Guardians of Rescue works with schools and school districts to organize food and supply drives to benefit their local shelters, and assist them with our “Sponsor a Shelter Pet” initiative.

Help us Help Them! If you want to volunteer for any of these programs, please email us at because TOGETHER we can save them!