Olympic Animal Sanctuary, Forks Washington was home to over 100 animals. Many were originally brought there as a last resort to euthanasia. Rescues and individuals from all over the country called upon founder Steven Markwell to help them with problem dogs.
In the last few years,volunteers and animal welfare advocates began questioning the housing and care of the animals and applied pressure on local government to shut down OAS.

On December 20, 2013, the lives of the Olympic Animal Sanctuary changed. 124 dogs, including four wolf hybrids, coyote mixes and a large female Bermese Python, were loaded into wooden boxes inside a 53′ cargo trailer, their destination and whereabouts unknown, until they showed up in Golden Valley, Arizona on December 24, at a safe location arranged by Guardians of Rescue.

The dogs are now temporarily living in large, open kennels, being fed twice a day, getting daily exercise and have received vet care. What the dogs need now is help in finding them their forever homes. Because several of the dogs were sent to OAS due to behavioral issues or declarations arising from bite incidents or injuring other animals, they would likely would benefit from the help of experienced rescue organizations,behaviorists, trainers or someone experienced with their specific issue, should they arise. There are other dogs that were simply collected along the way and never given the opportunity to be adopted into a home environment. The people on site in Arizona, who have been directly caring for the dogs daily, have had very positive interaction with them, with the dogs eagerly seeking and thriving on human contact and attention. We need your support to continue care for the dogs! oas dogs

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The membership of Guardians of Rescue is comprised of men and women from a multitude of backgrounds, who share in a love for animals and an appreciation of the special role they play in our lives. Our members bring with them a wide array of skills and experiences with which to contribute to our common goal of helping animals and people.